Waste Management

Loic assist businesses to manage their waste efficiently in compliance to the municipal by-laws and practice safe disposal of recyclable materials. We help limit the amount of waste that goes to the landfills by encouraging recycling practices.

We provide a personalised service to our clients, catering for their specific needs.


We aim to make the waste management systems as simple and efficient as possible by supplying your premises with color coded and appropriately marked recycling bins as a part of the packages we provide. These are placed at designated areas around your premises and collected as define by the SLA which can be daily, weekly or monthly.

On-site Sorting

We are able to allocate our trained staff to provide an onsite service at your premises upon request, they sort your recyclables from your general waste ensuring that only non-recyclable waste is taken to the landfills. This onsite service can be provided on a daily basis and the benefit is that your employees get to fulfill their work obligations while we take care of the of the waste management in your premises.

Management of Waste

We provide professional reports of disposed waste material on a monthly basis, these reports inform on what waste was disposed of and which materials were recycled.
We comply with environmentally friendly practices and submit our data to regulatory bodies in the waste management industry.

Waste Collection

Our team is trained to provide the best waste collection and removal service at all times. We collect refuse at your premises as per the service contract and proceeds to sort the collected waste if it has not been sorted, we are dedicated to decreasing landfill contributions which is why we separate recyclables and general waste to ensure that only general waste is sent to the landfill.

Thorough site visits and evaluation of all waste removal needs determines whether we supply and install waste cages, compactors or skips on client’s site.

We cover

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