Mechanical Engineering

Fleet Repairs and Maintenance

Auto Repair and Car Service

Major Service

Major Service is one of the most important service for a vehicle, and involves a complete overall check of the vehicle.

Minor Service

The Minor Car Service generally includes: changing the oil and oil filter. As well as an inspection of all fluids, filters, brakes, and emissions.

Engine Overhauls & Repair

Our Team of Mechanics are specialists when it some to overhauls and engine repairs, including Clutch and Brakes, Cylinder Heads, Power Steering, and Turbo Chargers.

Vehicle & Equipment Products

We have access to replacement parts for all-makes vehicles and equipment.

Plant Repairs and Service

This division focuses on the Trucks, White-Yellow-Red Plant and Heavy Equipment Repair and Services.

Vehicle & Equipment Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance helps you stay ahead of costly breakdowns, increase uptime, and maximize fleet and plant performance.

In-Cab Climate Control

Increase operator comfort by installing climate control systems in your vehicles and plant.

Vehicle & Equipment Repairs

We deliver advanced diagnostics to pinpoint the problem when a truck or a machine goes down and quickly work to resolve the issue.

Trailer repair

From landing gear to coupling plates, we repair hauling trailers to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Installations

Loic provide and service a wide range of air-conditioning and ventilation services. We supply, install and maintain of Air- conditioning and Refrigeration Systems, Ventilation Systems, Chilled Water Systems and Electrical Systems for industrial, commercial and residential consumers.

We also offer the following

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